The Island School, a private school on Bainbridge Island, offers engaging Art, PE, Music, Spanish and Technology programs for students from the Kitsap Peninsula, including Poulsbo, Suquamish, Indianola, Kingston, Hansville and Silverdale.


At The Island School, we believe that art is important to the growth of every child. We believe that art stimulates creative thinking, provides a means of communication and self-expression, and serves as an emotional release. The study of art heightens aesthetic awareness, enhances the ability to visualize, provides problem-solving/decision-making opportunities, and serves as a balance to classroom activities. In each of the six grades at The Island School, art skills and art appreciation are taught.

The art curriculum is designed to introduce children to a myriad of mediums, techniques and concepts.

In Kindergarten, we begin teaching basic skills that are built upon each year by gradually utilizing the techniques in increasingly complex ways. A good example of skill building is the color theory unit that we explore each year at The Island School. In Kindergarten, the students create a color collage using paint and colored paper. Each student selects several hues of a single color and creates a collage on a large sheet of white paper. In the following art period the student paints the background of their collage with their color’s compliment.

First Grade:
First grade students produce their own color wheels by mixing tempera paints, combining primary colors to make secondary colors and producing a six-hue cardboard color wheel.

Second Grade:
Each year the second grade students develop their understanding of color wheels by adding tertiary colors.

Third Grade:
In the third grade, students are introduced to watercolor paints as they design an abstract painting using tertiary colors.

Fourth Grade:
The fourth grade class abstract drawing project requires students to utilize shades, tints, contrasting and analogous colors, and monochromatic color combinations.

Fifth Grade:
In the fifth grade, students paint a still-life picture of flowers. This assignment requires students to mix their own colors for the flowers and make tints from these colors for the background.

By the time a child graduates from The Island School, he or she will have been introduced to ceramics, drawing, printmaking, color theory, bookmaking, painting, sculpture, fiber art, recycle art and collage. Each student learns vocabulary that enables him or her to talk about art and describe the tools and techniques of art making.

Art appreciation is an important focus at The Island School. Students learn about artists and visit museums and galleries to develop viewing skills. Museum visits often support classroom study units and the annual school-wide Cultural Study curriculum. Students regularly look at works of art by major artists and attempt to discuss and construct meaning from the art through a program called Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). The focus of the discussions is to promote group debate and problem solving and to encourage critical thinking and communication skills.

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