We have some news to share about our teachers for 2017-18.

Cindy Brickley, our current 1st grade teacher, will be shifting gears and teaching kindergarten in the 2017-2018 school year with Jessie Dameron continuing as the teaching assistant. Cindy brings many benefits to the position. She has 36 years of teaching experience (20 of which are at The Island School), understands the needs of kindergarten and first grade children from team-teaching K/1 learning buddy projects with Kathy, and demonstrates leadership by bringing the Responsive Classroom and Wired for Reading to our classrooms. Cindy has been one of the most passionate voices for reminding us that every decision at this school is based upon what is best for the children. Add in Cindy’s unbridled enthusiasm for learning, and you’ll know why we are excited about the many gifts she will bring into our kindergarten classroom next year.

Jenn Osburn, our current 4th grade teacher, will be the new 5th grade classroom teacher. Jenn brings 16 years of teaching experience (six of those at The Island School), a passion for American History and children’s theater, and a deep knowledge of our current 4th grade kids as they move into 5th grade. Jenn has worked closely with Mike and Betsy over the years, both as a colleague and as a parent, and is excited to carry on the traditions surrounding our studies of Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail and the immigration play. She will certainly be an asset in the 5th grade.

Austin Ohm, our Art teacher and 4th grade assistant, will be leaving us at the end of the 2016-17 school year. He is dedicated to our kids and loves working here, but is focused on finding a position closer to his home in Seattle.

This now means that we are looking to hire spectacular teachers for 1st and 4th grades, in addition to an art teacher and two teaching assistants. See our job position listing at http://theislandschool.org/our-school/job-opportunities/