The Green Team is proud to announce The Island School is a Level 5 school in the Washington Green Schools program.  Students, teachers and parents at The Island School have worked together the past six years to make lasting changes in the areas of waste and recycling, water use, energy use, transportation and healthy school buildings.  Their achievements include major reductions in waste, measurable increases in composting and recycling, a “no idle” rule in the parking lot, purchasing Green Power from Puget Sound Energy, serving as a collection site for cell phone and CFL light bulb recycling, and creation of animal habitats on school grounds. In the interest of energy efficiency, students carried out a “power down” campaign that educated students and resulted in lower energy usage. Students ran an environmental poster campaign and created winter bird feeders. Trash audits are conducted frequently.

A Washington Green Schools representative presented us with our Level 5 certification in June 2014. Since 2009, 350 schools have become active Washington Green Schools.  The Island School is a leader in this program, being the first in the state to reach and complete Level 5.

We look forward with confidence and excitement as we continue this six-year process.  There is more to learn and do toward an even more environmentally aware and responsible way of life at The Island School.  We will soon complete our study of school grounds (Level 6).

For healthy, low-waste lunch ideas, read this Low-Waste-Lunchbox pamphlet.

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