The Island School is a member of the Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS).

Mission Statement

Strengthening education as the advocate and voice of private schools

What you can expect from WFIS

  • Presenting a united front for Washington’s private schools
  • Providing a collective proactive and/or reactive voice for private schools to advance or guard their interests and maintain their independence
  • Being the connection/conduit “inside” Olympia as protector and promoter of private schools
  • Gathering, tabulating and communicating statewide information about and for private schools
  • Encouraging the exploration of new educational opportunities and perspectives
  • Providing special attention to issues that may impact the diverse philosophical or theological independence of private schools
  • Promoting educational excellence for all schools
  • Representing private schools “at the table” on all matters impacting the education of our children
  • Providing prompt, accurate and representative information to all inquiries

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