June 9, 2016

Dear Families and Friends of The Island School Community,

Kathy Schott

Kathy Schott

Kathy Schott, our amazing Kindergarten teacher for the past 38 of The Island School’s 39 years in existence, has decided that next year (2016-2017) will be her last year of teaching here at our school. As impossible as it is to conceive of The Island School without Kathy Schott’s spirit radiating through our hallways, Kathy insists that she is going out in a blaze of glory at the top of her game. Would we expect anything less from this amazing human being who has so profoundly shaped the culture and education that have come to be hallmarks of The Island School experience?

When I consider the number of children and families that Kathy will have shepherded through The Island School by June 2017 and the impact she has had on their lives, I truly find myself at a loss for words to describe how deeply grateful I know we all are for the unshakeable foundation that Kathy has laid with such open-hearted generosity to everyone in this community. It is rare to find anyone who joins a school in the early stages who then possesses the tenacity and passion to continue shaping and sustaining that school for nearly 40 years. Kathy, in partnership with the founders, was so far ahead of the time in creating a school where love of learning was central to the mission and where children were always encouraged to “be children.” Truly, Kathy has been one of the most ferocious advocates for ensuring that The Island School continues to be such a place of joyful learning that always does what is best for children.

I am deeply indebted to Kathy, not only for all that she has given to The Island School, but also for how warmly she welcomed me to this community eleven years ago and how generously she supported me as I transitioned in as the new head of the school she had helped to create. She has also been a stellar colleague and mentor to so many other teachers over the years. Kathy is a constant resource about our history at The Island School, as well as a touchstone for what continues to be “The Island School way.” She has also done an amazing job of coaching each new colleague in “The Island School way” as our faculty has grown over the years.

While I am confident that we have an excellent process in place for hiring an outstanding new kindergarten teacher for the 2017 – 2018 school year, we will never be able to replace Kathy Schott. Her “high heels” will simply have to retire with her, because no one will ever be able to fill those shoes. We ask you to reserve the afternoon of Saturday, June 3, 2017, to celebrate Kathy before her official retirement at the end of the next school year. Details will be forthcoming next year.


Trish King
Head of School