Third Grade

Program & Curriculum

The Island School, a private school on Bainbridge Island, offers an engaging 3rd Grade program for students from the Kitsap Peninsula, including Poulsbo, Suquamish, Indianola, Kingston, Hansville and Silverdale.

Our school provides an excellent academic education as well as the social/emotional learning (SEL) that is just as critical to a child’s lifelong success in building relationships with others.  Social/emotional learning has been part of our educational program since The Island School was founded more than 40 years ago because, in our community, teaching children to be kind, respectful and inclusive is as important as teaching reading, writing and math.  It is part of our mission to inspire in our children a lifelong enthusiasm for learning AND an appreciation and respect for themselves and others because this is education of the heart as well as the brain.  We focus on the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally, while celebrating what makes each child unique.

Language Arts

The third graders meet daily for reading.  At the beginning of our reading time, we may meet for a mini-lesson about comprehension, accuracy, fluency or expanding vocabulary using a picture book or passage in a chapter book to emphasize and model a reading strategy.  During reading time third graders can read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, and meet for individualized or small group instruction.  In third grade we work to become more confident, fluent readers while reading material that is a good-fit at our current reading level.

During class writing time students have the opportunity to continue to grow creatively and practice necessary skills to become effective writers.  Students will have free choice writing, as well as assigned writing projects, where we will be working together exploring different types of writing.  Select pieces will go through the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) and follow the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Writing is also integrated into all of our other subject areas.

“It is terribly important for kids to read and write for the reasons that people the world over read and write, which is to communicate, to be delighted, to laugh.”
- Lucy Caulkins

Wired For Reading
Wired for Reading is an engaging, multi-sensory word analysis program designed to improve reading, spelling, and vocabulary.  Based in the latest research, students are taught to use linguistics in a kid-friendly way to understand the deep structure of language and phonics.  As they learn to connect speech to sounds, sounds to letters, and letters to meaning, English spelling patterns are demystified, and students are empowered to confidently and fluidly decode words when reading and spelling (Wired For Reading – Teacher’s Manual, August 2014).

Teaching Wired For Reading is so much fun!  Students have the opportunity to engage in this interactive curriculum using sounds, actions and stories to help learn and solidify word sounds.  Once we start the curriculum, we will ask students to share and practice with you information and techniques used here at school.

Handwriting Without Tears
The third grade uses the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) cursive program. HWT teaches a vertical style script that is easy to write and easy to read. Lowercase letters are introduced first, beginning with letters that are similar to print.  The emphasis of the 3rd grade workbook, Cursive Handwriting, is on correct habits for forming and connecting letters.  Cursive practice will be part of our morning work routine.  Third graders may also work on their cursive during Quiet Time.

Science and Social Studies