Fourth Grade

Program & Curriculum

The Island School, a private school on Bainbridge Island, offers an engaging 4th Grade program for students from the Kitsap Peninsula, including Poulsbo, Suquamish, Indianola, Kingston, Hansville and Silverdale.

Our school provides an excellent academic education as well as the social/emotional learning (SEL) that is just as critical to a child’s lifelong success in building relationships with others.  Social/emotional learning has been part of our educational program since The Island School was founded more than 40 years ago because, in our community, teaching children to be kind, respectful and inclusive is as important as teaching reading, writing and math.  It is part of our mission to inspire in our children a lifelong enthusiasm for learning AND an appreciation and respect for themselves and others because this is education of the heart as well as the brain.  We focus on the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally, while celebrating what makes each child unique.

The Day

During a fourth grader’s day, students have the opportunity to learn in a whole group, work in cooperative small groups and investigate individual ideas on their own.  This ensures that each student receives what she/he needs to grow as an individual learner.

Morning Meeting
The development of a caring and safe classroom community is crucial for learning to occur.  To cultivate these qualities, we have brief classroom meetings in the morning and afternoon to get to know each other, give compliments, celebrate successes and solve problems as they arise. Together we will discover and reinforce how to respect our own and other’s right to learn and feel safe.

Language Arts
Science & Social Studies