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2021-22 Admissions Webinars

Outdoor Learning Webinar

Recorded April 29, 2021

Social Emotional Learning Webinar

Recorded February 4, 2021

Project-based Learning Webinar

Recorded January 28, 2021

Kindergarten Webinar

Recorded January 26, 2021

Parent Panel Webinar

Recorded August 10, 2021

At The Island School you will find:

  • teachers and staff who believe in giving students an education that combines academics with joyful learning
  • small classes with a typical student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1
  • a community of students, teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, relatives and friends working together
  • children and adults interacting with care and respect
  • a diverse student population with an array of backgrounds, ethnicities, interests, capabilities and learning styles
  • vibrant Art, Physical Education, Music and Spanish programs
  • adults and children who value a community bound by mutual respect and consideration of others
  • alumni who are successful and compassionate contributors in their professions and communities.


An Island School education is an investment in your child’s future.

For 2021-22:

37% of our students received a financial aid grant

Average grant amount is $11,000

Financial aid grants range from 8% of tuition to 90% of tuition

Over $400,000 in financial aid granted

100% of demonstrated financial need met


2021-22 Tuition for Kindergarten = $16,725

2021-22 Tuition for  Grades 1 - 5 = $18,250

Admissions Process

Step 1 - Visit

Step 1 - Arrange a visit with the Head and the Advancement Director. 

Interested families may contact the school at any time for a visit with the Head and the Advancement Director, an overview of the program and a tour of the school.  Parents are encouraged to visit during the school day to experience joyful learning in action.

During COVID-19, you are invited to a virtual meeting with our Head of School and/or Advancement Director.

Contact Joan Henderson to schedule your appointment.

Step 2 - Request

Step 2 - Request Financial Aid information from the Business Manager, if you need it. 

Financial aid may be available for families who cannot otherwise afford to pay full tuition.  We strongly encourage families to contact us for more information.

See Tuition and Financial Aid

See Other Financing Options

Step 3 - Attend

Step 3 - Attend an Admissions Event if possible.

Held from late January through spring, these events provide an in-depth overview of the school’s mission, philosophy, curriculum, policies and practices, as well as an opportunity to meet our faculty and staff. Contact us at any time to request an email reminder for these events.

During COVID-19, these events will be virtual.

Step 4 - Application

Step 4 - Submit the completed application and the non-refundable $50 application fee.

The full application process includes:

  1. parent visit with Head of School and Advancement Director and tour of school (may be virtual during COVID-19)
  2. parent questionnaire and fee
  3. teacher recommendation
  4. transcript from current/former school (not required for kindergarten applicants)
  5. student visit day (may be virtual during COVID-19) 
Step 5 - Student Visit

Step 5 - Arrange for a Student Visit

Items 1-4 in Step 4 are required before a student visit can be scheduled.

Children applying to grades 1 – 5 will visit for a full day. Children applying for kindergarten will be invited to a group kindergarten visit.

During COVID-19, we will arrange a virtual conversation suitable for your child’s age that includes you, your child, our teachers and staff.

Contact Joan Henderson to schedule your appointment.

Financial Aid

The Island School is committed to attracting and retaining an economically diverse student body. In order to support this diversity, we have established a financial aid program for families who may need some financial assistance in order to afford tuition.

We recognize independent school education is a choice for families, and some families make significant financial sacrifices to support this choice. We strongly encourage families who simply cannot cover the full cost of tuition, even after the most careful household budgeting, to consider applying for financial aid.

To determine the most fair and equitable estimate of a family’s need, financial aid applications are processed by School and Student Services (SSS), which provides an independent assessment of financial need. The Island School Financial Aid Committee utilizes the SSS determinations, along with information gathered from the applicant, to determine a family’s eligibility. Financial aid decisions are made based on a family’s eligibility and the availability of financial aid funds. All financial and personal information provided to The Island School is reviewed only by the Financial Aid Committee and is completely confidential. Financial aid applications must be completed and submitted by the first week of February for consideration for a financial aid award for the following school year.

To receive more information about applying for financial aid, please contact the school.

The Island School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national or ethnic origin, or other legally protected status in admission of otherwise qualified students or in providing access to the rights, privileges, programs, or activities generally available to all students and their families, including educational policies, scholarship and other financial aid programs, or athletic, extra-curricular, and other school-administered programs and activities.