We recognize the power of collaboration and the strength generated by joining with others.

The Island School is a member of:
Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS)
Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS)
EarthGen (formerly known as Washington Green Schools)
One Call for All


The Island School is the only elementary school on Bainbridge Island accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), formerly known as Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS).

NWAIS Mission

To assist schools in fulfilling their mission to provide high quality education for children by promoting and protecting the independence of our schools, by representing the interest of our schools, and by fostering collegial relationships and ethical leadership within our schools.

Core Values

  • Independence
  • Free and Open Inquiry
  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Ongoing School Improvement
  • Collegial Relationships and Ethical Leadership

Essential Characteristics of NWAIS Schools

  • Commitment to the Public Good
  • Effective Governance and Operations
  • Physical Location or Place
  • Primary Focus of Academic Education
  • Commitment to the Best Interests of Children

For an overview of NWAIS accreditation, click here.

For information on what it means to be accredited by NWAIS, click here.

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The Island School is a member of the Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS).

Mission Statement

Strengthening education as the advocate and voice of private schools

What you can expect from WFIS

  • Presenting a united front for Washington’s private schools
  • Providing a collective proactive and/or reactive voice for private schools to advance or guard their interests and maintain their independence
  • Being the connection/conduit “inside” Olympia as protector and promoter of private schools
  • Gathering, tabulating and communicating statewide information about and for private schools
  • Encouraging the exploration of new educational opportunities and perspectives
  • Providing special attention to issues that may impact the diverse philosophical or theological independence of private schools
  • Promoting educational excellence for all schools
  • Representing private schools “at the table” on all matters impacting the education of our children
  • Providing prompt, accurate and representative information to all inquiries

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EarthGen Logo

The Green Team is proud to say that The Island School has been an EarthGen Sustaining Platinum Level school since 2018, the first school in the state to achieve this recognition. (EarthGen was formerly known as Washington Green Schools.)

Students, teachers and parents at The Island School have worked together since 2009 to make lasting changes in the areas of waste and recycling, water use, energy use, transportation, healthy school buildings and school grounds.  Their achievements include major reductions in waste, measurable increases in composting and recycling, a “no idle” rule in the parking lot, purchasing Green Power from Puget Sound Energy, serving as a collection site for cell phone and CFL light bulb recycling, and creation of animal habitats on school grounds. In the interest of energy efficiency, students carried out a “power down” campaign that educated students and resulted in lower energy usage. Students ran an environmental poster campaign and created winter bird feeders. Trash audits are conducted frequently.

We look forward with confidence and excitement as we continue in the EarthGen process.  There is always more to learn and do toward an even more environmentally aware and responsible way of life at The Island School.

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One Call for All is an umbrella organization providing needed funding to many essential nonprofits on Bainbridge Island. They raise funds through an annual Island-wide mailing of the Red Envelope each October. The beauty of One Call for All is that 100% of the money you donate goes directly to the nonprofit(s) you designate.

Choosing The Island School on your One Call for All form is another easy way to support us here at The Island School.