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Distance Learning at The Island School

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Distance learning at The Island School is exciting! The Island School faculty and staff, being lifelong learners themselves, worked as a team to set up a distance learning portal within two school days of closing our physical building in response to the COVID-19 health crisis.  

With materials provided by the teachers, students have been learning and growing from home since March 17. Each day begins with a student greeting time with Amanda Ward, our Head of School. Just like a typical school day, Amanda meets and greets each student as they enter the real-time Zoom meeting. Catching up with each other is an important community tradition, especially in these times.

Teachers in each grade provide weekly assignments, real-time class meetings, and office hours for students and parents. Teachers provide daily schedules, tips for parents, and a wide range of activities for the children. Our faculty and staff listen to parent feedback and respond and adjust quickly. Traditions like Monday Morning Sing continue, as does our month-long Cultural Study of Islandia.

Of course, learning during a school closure looks different from a typical day at The Island School. Distance learning cannot replace in-person, human interaction. Instead, it serves as an extension of and bridge between life experiences. Classroom teachers and specialists in art, music, PE, library and Spanish provide opportunities for students to read, write, share ideas, explore, create, play and more. Teachers keep children engaged so that they can learn and grow, while providing them with meaningful opportunities for connection and community.

To learn more, read The Island School’s Continuity of Learning Plan.