The Joy of Learning

Our School

The heart of The Island School lies in keeping the joy of learning alive by filling our children’s days with wonder, play, laughter and discovery. Teachers at our independent school know and value each child, from kindergarten to fifth grade.

A sense of self

Knowing oneself well is essential to understanding how to learn and how to work with others.  At The Island School, a child comes to understand their unique strengths and challenges and to recognize that we all have different needs that must be honored and respected.

A sense of others

In our diverse elementary school community, students learn to respect and celebrate others while learning to work together.  Students will readily tell you, “There is no excluding at The Island School.”

A sense of belonging

At The Island School, children are cherished and celebrated during this precious season of childhood from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Each child plays an important part in contributing their talents, interests and passions to our school community.

A sense of  community

One of the most unique qualities of The Island School is the warmth and openness with which everyone is welcomed and embraced as part of our community.  Interesting, thoughtful, deeply caring people, who are highly engaged in their children’s education, are drawn to our independent school because they value the important role that a caring community plays in the lives of children and families.  Furthermore, they share the values of respect, compassion, kindness, inclusion and a true appreciation for self and others.