Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

At The Island School we educate each of our children; we nourish their innate curiosity, inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, and foster respect and appreciation for themselves and others.

Our School Philosophy


We provide a place where it is safe for children to risk, to learn, and to dream. Our wish for the children who come to work with us is that they take away a quiet confidence in themselves and what they can accomplish.


We stand in awe of the courage of the beginning learner. We aim to create a secure, caring, educational atmosphere where respect for the emotional and intellectual needs of our young learners is held as our highest value.


A developmentally appropriate curriculum in all subject areas provides the most flexible framework for encouraging our students to develop lifelong skills as critical thinkers, self-motivated learners and independent decision makers. While building a solid academic foundation, we seek creative approaches to educating our children and search for innovative responses to meet their various needs.


The Island School is a community of children, teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends working together so that each child has the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential as an individual and as a group member. Adults and children do their best learning and living together when respect and consideration for others are valued and honored by all members of the community.


We set high standards in non-academic areas, such as being sensitive to others, caring for our various learning tools, and respecting our school's physical environment. We introduce the children to a larger community and encourage them to ask what roles they can play in caring for their world.


Wise people before us have proclaimed play to be children's work. The heart of our school lies in our efforts to keep the joy of learning alive by filling our children's days with wonder, play, laughter and discovery. We reserve space and time for children to BE children.