Joyful, engaged children who love to learn

Extraordinary teachers who love to teach

An inclusive community where diversity is celebrated

A welcoming culture with meaningful traditions

A magical setting in the woods of Bainbridge Island

Our Mission

At The Island School we educate each of our children; we nourish their innate curiosity, inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, and foster respect and appreciation for themselves and others.

We believe all children thrive…

  • Hands-on Education

    ...when they are active participants in their own education.

  • Trust a place where it is safe for children to risk, to learn and to dream.

  • Dignity

    ...when the emotional and intellectual needs of our young learners are held as our highest value.

  • Community

    ...when each child has the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

  • Responsibility

    ...when they are members of a larger community that encourages them to question how they can care for their world.

  • Fun

    ...when they are given space and time to BE children and learn through wonder, play and discovery.

The Island School aspires to ensure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice in our community. We hold ourselves to these uplifting standards. We encourage you to learn more here.

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Nestled in the woods of Bainbridge Island, The Island School is an independent kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school educating students from Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula, including Bremerton, Hansville, Indianola, Kingston, Poulsbo, Silverdale and Suquamish.

Founded as a private school in 1977, The Island School engages the mind and heart of every child in a culture that values excellent education, joy in learning, and respect and appreciation for others. Kids love to learn at The Island School.